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Fourth of JulyClose

Happy Birthday USA! In celebration of the 4th of July, The BidSpot would like to thank you for your loyalty and offer an awesome bid pack special (or at least we think so). So, starting on July 4th at 12:01 AM, buy any bid pack and receive 50% more bids! As always, have fun and thanks again for your awesome loyalty. This offer is valid through July 8th.

Are you ready to be a star?Close

Ever dreamed of being an actor? Okay, well maybe not! Anyways, here is your chance to earn some free bids. We are introducing: 'The BidSpot Testimonial' section of our website. Pretty creative name eh? :)

Anyways, It's super simple. Follow these few steps and if we put your video up on the site (which we likely will) you'll get 50 free bids!:

Step 1) Create a short video (30 seconds-2 minutes), discussing your AWESOME experience on The BidSpot. Hint: We are more likely to put up your video if you show some of your items in the video.

Step 2) Talk about how awesome The BidSpot is in the video.

Step 3) Upload the video to Youtube and send us the link via our 'contact us' page located on the website.

That's all folks!

2 Clicks to CashClose

Begins: Thursday, October 11th.

That’s right; we’ve done it again! The Bidspot proudly announces 2 CLICKS TO CASH, where you can instantly and easily sell any auction you win back to the Bidspot for CASH! This incredible feature is now available on ALL Bidspot auctions (except bidpacks) and is incredibly easy to use!

When you check out you now have a choice:

1. Pay for your item + shipping, and receive your item as normal. Or...

2. Click the "Sell-back to Bidspot" button and receive the posted cash sell back price minus the final cost of the auction. You pay no shipping! This new feature will allow you to decide whether you want to receive the product, or sell the product back to The Bidspot for cash! Also, the cash value for each item will be listed in each individual auction box so you know exactly how much you can sell the item back for (if you win) before bidding!

Detailed Instructions:

At the end of the auction, go to your 'shopping cart'. Here, you will see the auctions you have won, along with a 'Sell-back to Bidspot' button. After you click the 'Sell-back to Bidspot' button, you will have two methods in which you could receive your money:

1) PayPal: Just enter the e-mail address associated with your PayPal account, and we will send the money within 72 hours, likely sooner!

2) Check: Just enter your physical mailing address, and we will cut you the check and send it within 7 business days, likely sooner!

Easy as pie...right? ENJOY!

Rookie AuctionsClose

Thanks for checking out our 'Rookie Auctions'! All Rookie auctions will be accompanied by the above icon. These auctions are ONLY for customers whom have never won an auction on The Bidspot. Best of all, Rookie Auctions allow you to bid risk free! Win or lose, you will receive 100% of your bids back at the end of the auction! Rest assured, you are only bidding against other customers whom have never won an auction. Here at the Bidspot we are all about winners, and our Rookie Auctions really spread the wealth! Give it a try!


Note: In order to qualify, you must purchase bids through the Buy Bids link at least once.


Anonymous AuctionsClose

The BidSpot would like to introduce, 'Anonymous Auctions'. Put on your mask and bid with confidence. All Anonymous Auctions will be accompanied by the above icon. Once you bid, you will notice that you have a randomly assigned user name. So, no more bullying! The playing field is level, so get in the game!

At the conclusion of the auction, check out the 'bid history' box, hit refresh, and you'll see the real user names of those you were bidding against!

Autobidders: How it Works

Auto Bidder is a great way to automatically bid on the items you want to win while not having to manually click the bid button, or even be signed in to you account. To set Auto Bidder go to the Item Detail page on the auction you want to bid on, simply enter the price you want your Auto Bidder to start bidding at, the price you would like it to stop bidding, and the maximum number of bids to allow Auto Bidder to use. You can also select at what point in the auction you would like Auto Bidder to place your automatic bids. Then, click "Add Bidder", and Auto Bidder will bid as you instructed it. Auto Bidder is one of the best ways to win auctions, but remember, your bids are non-refundable, so be strategic when setting Auto Bidder.


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  1. Neverendingbidder $12.76
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  4. AlbertPujols $12.73
  5. KC_Otters $12.72
  6. Neverendingbidder $12.71
  7. CraiglyBuiltrite $12.70
  8. Neverendingbidder $12.69
  9. CraiglyBuiltrite $12.68
  10. GaryBuseysDog $12.67
  11. Neverendingbidder $12.76
  12. CraiglyBuiltrite $12.75
  13. GaryBuseysDog $12.74
  14. AlbertPujols $12.73
  15. KC_Otters $12.72
  16. Neverendingbidder $12.71
  17. CraiglyBuiltrite $12.70
  18. Neverendingbidder $12.69
  19. CraiglyBuiltrite $12.68
  20. GaryBuseysDog $12.67
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